Lenoir Fire Stations

Lenoir Fire Department Station #1 was opened in mid 1969.  Until that time fire department units were responding from its quarters located on Main Street which was opened in 1935.  Station #1 was built with amenities such as central air and heat and individual bedrooms and baths.  Also incorporated in it's design were an interior hose tower, three drive through engine bays, and offices for administrative staff.  Station #1 currently houses Engine #5, Engine #9, Tower #8,  and Rescue #12 which is designed as heavy rescue.  Station #1 continues to house administrative staff as well as eleven firefighters per shift in our suppression division.

Lenoir Fire Department Station #2 was opened and placed in service in 1974, after the City of Lenoir completed a major annexation.  Station #2 was built with the same amenities as Station #1, but with greater size and updates.  Station #2 boasts a large training room which can be cordoned off to provide separate areas if needed.  A heated basement was also incorporated to provide maintenance tasks.  Ladder #7, Engine #6, and the department's mobile air unit are housed at Station #2.  It is home to seven firefighters per shift.  Many meetings and training sessions are held at this station due to its accommodations.