Volunteer Chaplain Program 


The Chaplain Program of the Lenoir Police Department began in 1994.  It was Chief Jack Warlick's desire to involve area ministers in a volunteer program through the department that would minister to the community and department personnel.



Each Day law enforcement officers are faced with potentially dangerous situations. They must make split-second decisions that are just and right.  Many times they need to express frustrations and problems to someone who fully understands. Lenoir Police Chaplains are trained to listen with empathy, advise calmly and offer the appropriate assistance.


On call 24 hours a day, Lenoir Police Chaplains stand ready to respond.  It is their desire to be a catalyst of reconciliation, bringing God's love to the relationship between staff and officers, between the law enforcement agency and the community.  This care is offered to all people, regardless of race, sex, creed, or religion.


Partial List of Program Objectives

  • To provide an effective ministry to the Lenoir Police Department and City of Lenoir employees and their families.
  • To serve as a resource for department personnel when dealing with the public in such incidents as accidental deaths, suicides, suicidal subjects, serious accidents, drug and alcohol abuse, and other situations that may arise.
  • To promote counseling, spiritual guidance, insight and alertness for department personnel and their families.