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Welcome to the stormwater guide section, this section is intended to help you understand the importance of stormwater and what can cause stormwater pollution. Please refer to the following links for more information.

Stormwater Runoff & Pollution

NPDES Phase II Requirements

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Identifying and Reporting Pollution

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Stormwater & the Catawba Watershed

When it rains, or snow melts or water flows into southern Caldwell County, it ultimately ends up in the Catawba River or Catawba Watershed.  The City of Lenoir and Towns of Granite Falls, Hudson, Cajah's Mountain, Sawmills and Gamewell all maintain Stormwater systems that direct surface runoff to tributaries of the Catawba Watershed.


As stormwater flows, it picks up debris, chemicals - such as fertilizers and pesticides - dirt, cigarette butts and other pollutants.  Pollution from Stormwater degrades surface waters making them unsafe for drinking, fishing, swimming, and other activities.  In appliance with the federal Clean Water Act (NPDES), the City of Lenoir will manage and monitor Stormwater within its jurisdiction and the surrounding Towns of Granite Falls, Hudson, Cajah's Mountain, Sawmills and Gamewell.





Stormwater Jurisdiction and Watershed Status Maps: