Mission & Vision


The mission of the City of Lenoir is:

  • to serve our citizens and the community by providing a clean, safe, healthy, attractive living and business environment, through the efficient delivery of essential city services in a fiscally responsible manner
  • to identify, plan and act on opportunities for preserving and improving the quality of life of all of our citizens.



We aspire to be the city of choice in western North Carolina for current and future generations—beautiful, clean and safe.

We will achieve our vision through:

  • a healthy economy
  • strong businesses
  • vital neighborhoods
  • a vibrant downtown
  • extensive recreational and cultural opportunities

We will preserve Lenoir’s friendly, small town atmosphere and celebrate the diversity of our people.

We require a city government that is:

  • accessible
  • accountable
  • efficient & effective
  • future-oriented
  • inclusive, innovative, collaborative
  • transparent
  • fiscally responsible

with funding that is fair, affordable, and stable.


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