Annual Report

The Lenoir Police Department annual report gives a summary of the department's actions and impact for the previous year.

2021 Lenoir Police Department Annual Report (PDF)

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From Chief Brent Phelps

Calendar year 2021 felt like an extension of 2020.  Our department; along with the rest of the world, was continuing to navigate through the pandemic.  The safety of our officers and citizens was under constant review by agency leadership.  Small amounts of training classes began to meet back in person, and we continued to zoom meetings and training.  We have learned how to accomplish areas of our responsibilities remotely, but the foundation of our work is hands-on, person to person interaction.  Hopefully we will be able to get back to some of the in-person activities which promote positive relationships with our citizens and community.

Our department; along with agencies across the country, experienced rises in overdoses, mental health concerns, and community concerns regarding homelessness.  Officers worked with community members and resource agencies to attempt to assist in these community issues.  This will continue to be an effort for our department and the law enforcement profession.

Even with all the challenges that 2021 brought, I’m proud of the accomplishments of our department.  Our officers and employees have continued to diligently work to provide the best services possible in serving our city.  Please review the summary below as well read our full report under the Reports tab of our web page.  We will gladly address any questions, comments or concerns you may have.  Thank you.

Departmental Training

  • 10,503 hours

OFF Duty Activities

  • 3,402 total man-hours
  • equivalent to 1.56 full-time officer(s)

Enforcement Activity

  • 2,871 felony and misdemeanor charges
  • 3,391 traffic stops
  • 47 use of force incidents*

*equivalent to .18% of 26,050 in documented citizen contacts


  • 287 crimes against persons
  • 452 crimes against society
  • 1,041 crimes against property
  • 318 group B offenses

Calls For Service

  • 22,794 calls for service
  • 9,842 special/house checks
  • 759 call follow-ups

Traffic Enforcement

  • 893 crashes with property damage
  • 185 crashes with injuries
  • 0 fatalities
  • 2,450 citations and 1,203 warning tickets


  • 38,129 entered CAD calls

Investigations Division

  • 1,915 criminal cases on the books
  • 136 nuisance cases
  • 46,564 total items in evidence inventory
  • $847,096 recovered in stolen property (incl. vehicles)
  • $2,340,468 illegal narcotics seized (incl. agency assists)
  • $112,054 cash and property seized (incl. agency assists)

Other Stats

  • 88 overdoses (50 in 2020, a 76% increase)*
  • 55 Narcan use (54 lives saved)
  • 184 involuntary commitments (95 in 2020, a 94% increase)

* of the 88 documented overdoses, 54 were induced by opioids

2021 Lenoir Police Department Annual Report (PDF)

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