Annual Report

The Lenoir Police Department annual report gives a summary of the department's actions and impact for the previous year.


From Chief Brent Phelps

Calendar year 2020 was unlike any year I have ever experienced in my 25 years of law enforcement.  Around mid-March, the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the United States; many of our normal routines began to change and events had to be cancelled.  One of the challenges was that no one had ever experienced a pandemic at this level.  Then on May 25th, an African American man named George Perry Floyd Jr. died during an encounter with law enforcement in Minneapolis.  This incident sparked nation-wide protests; and in some areas, months of unrest across our nation.  The pandemic made it difficult to create face-to-face, in-person environments to listen and talk with community members; however, our agency was able to engage and participate in peaceful interactions between our department and the community.  

Even with all the events and challenges over the past year, I’m proud of the accomplishments of our department.  Our officers and employees worked diligently to provide the best services possible in serving our city.  It is our desire to work hand in hand with the community to provide the safest and most equitable environment possible.  We care about our community because we are members of our community.  

We hope you will take a moment to review the highlights from the year and read over the full report below.  We welcome any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have.  Thank you.

Departmental Training

  • 7,109 hours

Extra Duty Activities

  • projects (not calculated due to CV-19 cancellations)
  • man-hours (no calculated due to CV-19 cancellations)

Enforcement Activity

  • 2,937 felony and misdemeanor charges
  • 4,202 traffic stops
  • 24 use of force incidents


  • 249 crimes against persons
  • 439 crimes against society
  • 936 crimes against property
  • 353 group B offenses

Calls For Service

  • 22,932 calls for service
  • 10,527 special/house checks
  • 691 call follow-ups

Traffic Enforcement

  • 854 crashes with property damage
  • 159 crashes with injuries
  • 0 fatalities
  • 3,129 citations and 1,370 warning tickets


  • 34,668 admin calls
  • 4,696 emergency 911 calls
  • 39,047 entered CAD calls

Investigations Division

  • 1,933 criminal cases on the books
  • 234 nuisance cases
  • 44,917 total items in evidence inventory
  • $134,692 recovered in stolen property
  • $391,944 recovered in stolen vehicles
  • $354,831 illegal narcotics seized
  • $25,096 cash and property seized

Other Stats

  • 50 overdoses
  • 22 Narcan use (22 lives saved)
  • 95 involuntary commitments
  • 22 background investigations 
  • 9 ABC permit applications
  • 238 Crime Stopper tips