Annual Report

From the Office of the Chief of Police Brent Phelps

I am proud to present this Annual Report on behalf of the dedicated men and women of the Lenoir Police Department. It is our goal that you find this information to be useful and informative.

During 2018, our department experienced a great deal of change internally. Our former Chief, Scott Brown, retired after 32 years of dedicated service to the law enforcement profession. This allowed for a Chief's promotional process, in which I was honored to be selected to step into this new role for the department and the City of Lenoir. Since August 1, 2018, the department has promoted 9 different supervisors from the rank of Chief to Corporal. We have also been fortunate to have several other members of our department move into new roles of responsibilities for our agency and community. These moves have allowed us to use the talented men and women of this agency to provide the best level of service possible for our community.

The law enforcement profession is constantly changing, and we have to strive to excel with every challenge in making them opportunities for growth and development for our department and community. Our core principles of Courage, Character and Accountability guide the decision-making process for our officers. We stress "Going Above and Beyond" with great customer service in every possible situation. Our officers focus on "treating people like you want your family treated" and they care about "doing the right thing in every situation". Law Enforcement has to work hand in hand with the community on a daily basis to provide safest environment possible. We care about our community because we are members of our community.

As you review the information in this year's report, please feel free to contact myself or any member of our leadership team if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We will do our best to address them.

The following are some highlights from our 2018 report:

Part I Violent Crime

  • 2018: 43 incidents
  • 10% reduction from 2017
  • 2017: 48 incidents
  • 6% reduction from 2016
  • Previous 2 years have seen a 16% reduction

Part 1 Property Crime

  • 2018: 883 incidents
  • 12% increase from 2017
  • Largest increase was motor vehicle thefts
  • All surrounding agencies experienced increases
  • Investigators worked with CCSO, Hudson Police Department, Granite Police Department, Hickory Police Department, North Carolina License and Theft

Communications Center

  • 35,286 phone calls
  • 5,113 emergency 911 calls
  • 46,916 processed CAD calls

Patrol Division

  • 31,575 police service calls
  • 13,121 property checks
  • 865 call follow-ups

Investigations Division

  • 1,286 criminal cases
  • 382 nuisance cases
  • 3,649 evidence items taken in (39,171 plus total items in inventory)

Criminal Charges

  • 4,288 felony and misdemeanor
  • 402 drug related
  • 80 alcohol related

Traffic Enforcement

  • 1,055 crashes with property damage
  • 147 crashes with personal injury
  • 6 fatalities from 5 incidents
  • 4,682 vehicle stops
  • 3,296 charges and 1,909 written warnings

Seized / Recovered

  • $905,784 stolen property
  • $130,177 drugs
  • $20,351 drug cash and property

Other Investigations

  • 32 drug overdoses
  • 38 deaths (6 overdoses)
  • 15 Naloxone uses (9 lives saved)
  • 21 backgrounds (employment and criminal)
  • 16 ABC permit applications
  • 491 Crime Stopper tips

Use of Force

  • 56 incidents

Extra Duty

  • 473 projects
  • 3,277 man-hours (equivalent to 1.5 full-time officer)

Departmental Training

  • 11,298 hours