Urban Archery

North Carolina Urban Archery Deer Hunting Program

The North Carolina (NC) Urban Archery Deer Hunting Program is regulated by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC). The program involves a special 4-week period in late winter in which hunting is allowed inside participating municipalities’ corporate limits. The purpose of the program is to reduce urban deer populations, which often pose a threat to public safety.  More information can be found at the following websites:



After receiving requests from several citizens in Lenoir and researching the program, City Council held a public hearing in 2016 to receive feedback and subsequently passed an ordinance approving the program on March 15, 2016 (Chapter 3 - Animals, Article IV - Deer, Section 3-50 - Urban Archery Deer Hunting). 

The program is traditionally renewed each year. The City of Lenoir has been approved for the year 2023 which will run from January 14 through February 19, 2023.  If you have questions that are not covered here, please contact the Lenoir Police Department at 828-757-2100.

Sec. 3-50. - Urban archery deer hunting.

The following city code applies to deer hunting during urban archery season. View the code online

Chapter 3 – Animals, March 2016

Article IV. – Deer

Section 3-50. – Urban Archery Deer Hunting

The purpose of this ordinance is to reduce urban deer populations through voluntary participation in the North Carolina Urban Archery Deer Hunting Program, which is regulated by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.  For the purposes of this section, deer hunting related to this program is permitted within the corporate limits of the City of Lenoir only in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. For the purposes of this ordinance, hunting is defined as, “all operations during, immediately preparatory, and immediately subsequent to an attempt, whether successful or not, to kill, pursue, or otherwise reduce to possession any deer.”
  2. Hunters shall follow all state and local laws, rules, and ordinances when hunting deer within the corporate city limits.
  3. Hunting with firearms is strictly prohibited.  Only archery equipment, as defined by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, is permitted.
  4. Hunting dates and times for the Urban Archery Deer Hunting Program, which are established annually by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, shall apply for the purposes of this ordinance.
  5. Hunters must have in their possession a valid North Carolina Hunting License showing completion of a hunting safety course.
  6. Hunting is allowed only on private property.  Hunters must have in their possession written permission from property owner(s), dated within one year, to hunt on specific private property; or the hunter(s) must be the property owner(s).
  7. No hunting is allowed on publicly owned property.
  8. No hunting is allowed on private property within five-hundred feet of the property line of a school, daycare center, playground, park, or other location where children are likely to be located. 
  9. No hunting is allowed on, from, or across the right-of-way of any public street or highway.
  10. Hunting is allowed only on a tract or parcel of land which is at least three or more acres. Adjacent tracts or parcels of land may be combined or pooled to meet this requirement, with written permission from each landowner.
  11. No archery equipment may be discharged unless the hunter/shooter is located at least one-hundred (100) feet within the allowed property line.  This one-hundred foot buffer within each property line is an area in which no hunting may occur.
  12. A violation of any of the provisions of this section shall constitute a misdemeanor offense pursuant to General Statutes 14-4.