Public Utilities

The Public Utilities Department manages the City of Lenoir's water and wastewater systems. The City directly provides water and sewer service to City of Lenoir customers and Town of Hudson customers connected to the City of Lenoir system. The department operates and maintains a water treatment facility, two wastewater treatment facilities, more than 400 miles of water and sewer lines, and sixteen sewer pump stations. 

In addition to direct service, the City sells bulk water to Baton Water Corporation, Caldwell County, Joyceton Waterworks, and the Town of Sawmills. These entities manage their own waters systems and sale the bulk water to their customers. The City also receives bulk sewer from the Town of Cajah's Mountain, Town of Gamewell, and Town of Sawmills. The City charges each entity based on the amount of sewer received. These entities operate and manage their own distribution and collection systems.

 The City of Lenoir purchased the Hudson water and sewer systems in 1999.