Zoning Map

The City of Lenoir Zoning Map is available online through Caldwell County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Map Viewer. Launch the Map Viewer

Using the Viewer

Caldwell County GIS thumbnailTo turn on the zoning layer, select on the "layers" button on the top right side, and make sure "zoning" is selected. You can use the zoom features to navigate to a property, or search for a property by clicking on the "find" button and then typing in an address, North Carolina Personal Identification Number, Parcel Identification, or owner’s name.

To get information about a property, select on the blue circle with an "i" and then click on the property. The default setting is parcel information. If you want to identify the zoning layer, you must change the target layer on the left hand side of the screen when the "i" tool is selected, then click on the property. Download the Lenoir Zoning Classifications Quick Reference Guide (PDF).