Pedestrian Plan

The City of Lenoir is committed to providing its citizens with a safe community in which to live, work, and play. Part of this commitment includes the future improvement and/or construction of pedestrian-friendly transportation corridors throughout the City.

Consequently, the City of Lenoir hired McGill Associates to develop a Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan (PDF), which would assist the City in its efforts. A portion of the funding for the plan was derived through a grant, which was received from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation (DBPT).

Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan City of Lenoir

Development of the Plan

In June, 2011, McGill Associates met with members of the Pedestrian Plan Steering Committee to define their vision for the proposed Lenoir pedestrian network. After a brief introduction, the Steering Committee participated in an exercise designed to elicit their perceptions of the needs and desires for a pedestrian system in Lenoir. 

The vision statement was derived from that exercise and submitted to the committee for approval. The vision of the Lenoir Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan is "to promote a high quality of life through a safe, aesthetic, equitable, and well-connected pedestrian system for all the residents and visitors of the City of Lenoir".

The Pedestrian Plan (PDF) was completed in 2012 and adopted in 2013. It contains recommendations on priority sidewalk improvements and additions to enhance pedestrian connectivity in Lenoir.