Board of Adjustment


The Board of Adjustment (BOA) meets on an as-needed basis, when an application or appeal has been submitted. Meetings are held immediately following the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Board.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are posted at least 48 hours prior to each meeting. Minutes are available following approval.

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For past meeting agendas, after action memos, and minutes, contact Lauren McKinney, Planning Technician.


  • Sharon Bryant, Extraterritorial, Chair
    Term Expires 2020
  • Tim Scobie, Vice-Chair
    Term Expires 2021
  • James Bradshaw
    Term Expires 2021
  • Leah Hamilton
    Term Expires 2021
  • Mac Martin
    Term Expires 2021
  • Lucy McCarl
    Term Expires 2020
  • Jeff Church, Alternate
    Term Expires 2021
  • Richard Hedrick, Alternate
    Term Expires 2021


The BOA consists of six regular members and two alternate members. Five regular members must be citizens of the City of Lenoir, appointed by the Mayor, and approved by the City Council. One regular member must be a citizen of the City of Lenoir's extra-territorial planning jurisdiction (ETJ), nominated by the Mayor and City Council, and approved by the Caldwell County Board of Commissioners.

About the Board

The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board comprised of citizen members appointed by the City Council in accordance with General Statutes 160A-388. The Board of Adjustment is tasked with hearing variance requests and appeals of land development decisions by administrative officials. View the city code, section 10-26.

Variance Requests

In order to grant a requested variance, a 5/6 majority of the Board must find that the requested variance satisfies four related standards established by state statute. Competent, material, and substantial evidence in the record must support findings that:

  1. The ordinance creates an unnecessary hardship
  2. The hardship is peculiar to the property
  3. The hardship is not self-created
  4. The requested variance meets the intent of the ordinances, upholds public safety, and achieves substantial justice