Lenoir Tourism Development Authority


  • 4 p.m.
  • 2nd Thursday of every month
  • City Hall
    Third Floor


Member Name - Term Expires

  • Dana Clark, Chair - Feb. 2022
  • Brenda Floyd - June 2023
  • Angela Johnson - Jan. 2024
  • Jessie Plaster - Aug. 2025
  • Pam Pusteoska - July 2024
  • Matthew Underwood - Feb. 2025
  • Glenda Wilson - Jan. 2022

Ex Officio Members

  • Donna Bean, Finance Director
  • Kaylynn Horn, Downtown Economic Development Director (City Manager Designee)


The mission of the Lenoir Tourism Development Authority (LTDA) is to promote, solicit, and encourage tourism in the City of Lenoir, and to provide services related to tourism. LTDA was granted power by City Council to manage funds generated from the local Hotel Occupancy Tax. LTDA using those funds to support local events and to promote tourism in the City.

Apply for Funds

The LTDA welcomes proposals for special projects funding that are designed for the purpose of attracting tourists and tourism investment to the City of Lenoir. Both for profit and non-profit organizations may apply for project funding. The LTDA Board reviews requests for funding twice annually, typically at the first LTDA meeting following July 31, and the first LTDA meeting following January 31.

Download and submit the application to apply.