Public Hearings

State law requires Council to hold public hearings before making certain decisions, such as approving a budget ordinance, bond ordinance, or a zoning ordinance/amendment. Notices of Public Hearings are included in City Council Meeting agenda packets, and are sometimes posted on properties.

To make accessing public hearing documents easier for residents, staff will post information about upcoming public hearings on this page. For full agendas and minutes, visit the Agenda Center.

  1. Public Hearing on Fats, Oil and Grease Ordinance

    The City of Lenoir Council will hold a Public Hearing Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2023, during the regular council meeting to receive public comment on the proposed Lenoir Wastewater Collection System Fats, Oil and Grease Ordinance. Public Hearing on Fats, Oil and Grease Ordinance
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