Many City of Lenoir Parks and Recreation Facilities can be rented for parties and special events. Call 828-757-2188 to check availability.

Rental Forms

Rental Facilities

The following facilities are available for rent:

Rental Rules & Regulations

  1. Groups using facilities/shelters will be responsible for the orderly behavior of those using the facility & must conform to all departmental policies, facility rules & regulations.
  2. The person responsible for the facility/shelter shall be responsible for any & all damages to the facility while his/her group is in the facility.
  3. Renter assumes responsibility for any & all claims, damages or accidents arising out of his/her use of the facility/shelter & further agrees to indemnify & hold harmless the City of Lenoir & the Lenoir Parks & Recreation Department from any such actions & damages.
  4. Facility rental fees include utilities, normal maintenance, & use of equipment such as tables & chairs. Any additional equipment is the responsibility of the renting party. Any equipment must be restored to its proper order. Renters are also responsible for any & all equipment necessary for a meal, including plates, knives, forks, spoons, pots, pans, etc.
  5. A staff member of the Lenoir Recreation Department must be on duty when the facility is in use.
  6. Lenoir Recreation employees shall be allowed entry to the renter facilities, when such entry is necessary in carrying out their duties & responsibilities.
  7. Police officers may be required at the facility, shelters, or activity when deemed necessary by the recreation department. Any monetary compensation required by these officers shall be the responsibility of the renting party.
  8. No alcoholic beverages of any kind shall be allowed.
  9. Facilities, parks, and shelters are smoke free. The use of tobacco products, in any form, is prohibited.
  10. No illegal drugs, gambling, vulgar language, or solicitation.
  11. Weapons of any kind are prohibited except law enforcement officers in the execution of their duties & public demonstrations as approved by the Recreation Director.
  12. Animals of any kind are prohibited except those serving the needs of the handicapped & those in public demonstrations as approved by the Recreation Department.
  13. Games of chance are prohibited. This does not apply to the awarding of prizes when there is no charge for participation. All games are to be provided by the renting party.
  14. Reservations will not be taken more than one year in advance.
  15. No reservation will be made repetitively. A new request must be made for each use. No reservation will be made on Sunday before 12 noon.
  16. Activities must cease & facilities must be closed by 11 p.m./shelters must be evacuated by 10 p.m. unless otherwise stated on the application & approved by the Recreation Director & Town Manager.
  17. Facilities/shelters may not be used for personal financial gain unless approved by the Recreation Director & Town Manager.
  18. The City of Lenoir Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel any activity at the facilities/shelters in case of extreme necessity.
  19. Flagrant misuse of facilities/shelters will result in forfeit of future reservations.
  20. Reservation form must be complete & approved by the Recreation Director or his/her designee. Reservation form must be filled out completely showing the exact setup instructions. Only the rooms/shelters reserved & paid for shall be used. *Note: No reservation shall be taken over the phone.
  21. A permit or notification of action on the application will be given the requester as soon as possible after the written application is received. Any fees or rent shall be paid in advance before any reservation becomes official. A full refund will be given if the cancellation is made at least forty-eight hours in advance. Any cancellation after the room is set up shall result in forfeit of 1/2 of the rent paid.
  22. Parents or guardians must sign rental agreement for persons 21 years of age or under. Youth groups requesting the facility/shelters must assure adult chaperone at a ratio of 1 adult per 25 children for each event & a policeman when deemed necessary by the Recreation Director.