Brownfields Program

In the Spring of 2018, the City of Lenoir received grant funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to identify, assess and begin redevelopment on Brownfield sites. The project started in October 2018, and will continue for three years. Success in this project could lead to funding for clean-up for initial sites and funding to assess new sites.

Priority Sites

The Brownfields committee is aware of several properties in Lenoir that may be eligible for Brownfields funding, based on past use and current condition. Although sites are traditionally associated with industry, they can include transit depots, dry cleaners, and gas stations.

Land Assessment

Lenoir has a vast manufacturing history, with many facilities centered around the railway corridor. Brownfields assessments are an important first step for identifying complications, and allowing property owners to potentially receive further funding for cleanup efforts. Designation as a potential Brownfields site does not mean there is proof of contamination. This simply means that the historic use of the given property is one that is associated with potential environmental concerns or issues. The success of this funding can lead to redevelopment of other, similar properties, to be identified by the community.

Brownfields Advisory Committee

The Brownfields committee will work closely with the community to educate, inform and listen to citizens. With this Brownfields funding, the committee hopes to create a pathway for the revitalization of distressed properties, creating business opportunities and jobs along the way.

Committee Members