Nuisance Issues

The Police Department investigates nuisance complaints and animal ordinances. Call the Police Department at 757-2100 or click the Nuisance Issue Form to report or inquire about:

  • Overgrowth of grass, weeds, poison sumac, poison ivy, poison oak, or other noxious vegetation.
  • Outdoor storage/accumulation of discarded appliances, machinery, equipment, furniture, etc.
  • Junk/abandoned vehicles
  • Trash and debris
  • Noise complaints
  • Outdoor storage of old or unusable building supplies (lumber, bricks, nails, plumping, HVAC, etc.)
  • Rotten, damaged, or dilapidated sheds 
  • Stabling/pasturing livestock or 5+ chickens
  • Breeding dogs (“puppy mills”)

Nuisance Issue Form

Click the following link to go to the Police Department page.