Tucker's Gallery

Tucker’s Gallery is a retail outdoor sculpture gallery located on the streets of Downtown Lenoir. The gallery is named for the town’s historical Tucker family, who settled in the area in 1797. Their barn was located near the Caldwell Arts Council and served as everything from a voting precinct and muster ground to a store and a place for “frolics” and celebrations.

Click the following link to see the current inventory on the Caldwell Arts Council website, Tucker's Gallery Current Inventory. The sculptures are for sale.

Some of the sculptures installed in June and July 2022
Tuckers Gallery Map 2022

Caldwell County Permanent Sculpture Collection

Caldwell County is home to one of the largest sculpture collections per capita in the nation. What began with a pig weather vane that was purchased in 1986 for the roof of the Caldwell Arts Council, has evolved into the Annual Sculpture Celebration and our collection of over 80 publicly displayed sculptures

Click the following link to learn more about the county's Permanent Sculpture Collection.

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