How many Fire Stations are in the City?

The City of Lenoir Fire Department operates out of three fire stations inside the City . Station 1 is located at 602 Harper Ave. and houses seven firefighters, a ladder truck, an engine, a tower truck, and an ambulance.  Station 2 is located at 1927 Norwood St. and houses six firefighters, a ladder truck, and an engine.  Station 3 is located at 1015 Wilkesboro Blvd. and houses a battalion chief, four firefighters, and an engine.

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1. Do you have/install smoke alarms?
2. Do you install/inspect child safety seats?
3. Who pays for your food while on duty?
4. Does the Fire Department fill swimming pools?
5. What hours do firefighters work?
6. Can I burn yard leaves, limbs, sticks, etc.?
7. Does the Fire Department inspect / clean chimneys?
8. Do firefighters help get cats out of trees?
9. Does the Fire Department charge for services?
10. Do firefighters sleep at the fire department?
11. Does the Fire Department respond to other calls other than fires?
12. How many Fire Stations are in the City?
13. Other than responding to calls, what else do firefighters do during their shifts?
14. Are the Fire Stations ever closed?
15. Why do Fire trucks show up when I called for an ambulance?
16. How do I apply to be a Firefighter at Lenoir Fire Department?
17. What are some of the benefits of being a firefighter with the the City of Lenoir?
18. Firefighters wear a lot of gear. How much does all that weigh?
19. Can women serve as Firefighters at the City of Lenoir Fire Department?