Can I make improvements to my property if it's located in a Flood Zone?

Any activity within a designated "Special Flood Hazard Area" (commonly referred to at the 100 Year Flood Zone or Floodway) requires a Floodplain Development Permit approved by the Floodplain Administrator (the Lenoir Planning Director). This includes grading, filling, construction of buildings, and even the installation of permanent landscaping.

Proposed projects are reviewed and conditions imposed on any permits issued to reduce the potential for damage from floodwater. All structures proposed within the floodplain will need flood-proofing or elevation certificates from professional engineers or surveyors. Any development within the Floodway (the "non-encroachment area") must be certified by an engineer to cause zero rise in the base flood elevation.

View the Lenoir's Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.

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