When is a subdivision considered "major" and what is the approval process?

Projects that create new lots and require the installation of new public infrastructure, such as streets, sidewalks, water lines and sewer lines, are considered major subdivisions. The specifications for constructing major subdivisions are detailed in the City of Lenoir Subdivision Ordinance.

Major Subdivision Approval Process

Preliminary Plat - The preliminary plat is prepared by a licensed surveyor and details the proposed street and lot layout, existing and proposed utility sizes and locations, any open space dedications, and connections to existing City infrastructure. The plat is reviewed by all City departments and the Lenoir Planning Board. The Planning Board can approve, deny, or recommend changes to the plat. Following the Planning Board's approval, the plat will be forwarded to the City Council for review and approval.

Construction -Following approval of the preliminary plat by City Council and approval of detailed engineer plans by appropriate staff and review bodies, the developer may begin construction of the subdivision. City staff will inspect the installation of all public infrastructure to ensure compliance with the standards and specifications of the Subdivision Ordinance.

Final Plat Approval - Upon satisfactory completion of all public infrastructure, the developer can submit the final plat for approval. The Planning Board and City Council review and approve the final plat. Following approval, the plat must be recorded at the Register of Deeds and then lots may be sold.

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