Do I need a permit for an Accessory Structure (Garages, Pools, Storage buildings, etc.)?

A zoning permit is required for any accessory structure (shed, detached garage, in-ground or above-ground pool, carport, barn, etc.) that is:

  • Larger than 144 square feet
  • Has any one dimension greater than 12 feet
  • Will contain electrical or plumbing service

Accessory structures smaller than 144 square feet do not require zoning or building permits. Such structures must be located in the side (non-corner lots) or rear yards and be setback a minimum of 5 ft. from all property lines.

Appearance & Location Standards

Residential Districts - Two accessory structures are permitted per lot, in the side or rear yard only, with a maximum height of 20 feet Accessory structures cannot cover more than 30% of the required side or rear yard.

Under certain circumstances, the design standards do not apply to accessory structures that are:

  • Located in an R-R or R-20 zoning district or
  • Located on tracts of land 5 acres or larger and
  • Screened on the sides and rear in accordance with Sec. 712.8 of the Zoning Ordinance and
  • Setback at least 250 feet from any street right-of-way and at least 50 feet from adjoining property lines and
  • Designed with a minimum roof pitch of 3:12 with 12-inch overhangs

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