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White Goods Collection Request

  1. The City offers white goods pickup for customers. The charge is $25.00 for the first item and $15.00 for each additional white good item collected during a pickup. If you have questions or need more information, call 828-757-2154.

    • Please place your white goods at the street before making the request. Items should be placed behind the curb or sidewalk. Do not place items in the street.
    • Staff will collect bulk garbage as soon as possible, but your items may not be collected until the next Wednesday, which is the bulk item collection day.
  2. We must have a phone number to contact you in case we can not collect your bulk items.
    By selecting the "I agree" box below, the above solid waste account holder agrees to pay the white good collection fee of $25.00 for the first item and $15.00 for each addition item.
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