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1. Can I place my cart right beside my mailbox?
2. How do I get additional garbage carts?
3. My street is really narrow and putting carts in the street might block traffic, or make it hard for cars to pass. Do I have to put my cart in the street?
4. What should I do with my old, green City of Lenoir garbage cart?
5. Can I put my house number on my cart?
6. The cart is too big and heavy for me to roll to the curb every week. What do I do?
7. I live in an apartment. Do all residents in an apartment get a cart?
8. Why do I have to pay for an extra cart? That’s not fair.
9. I have the same exact trash can as the new City garbage cart. It’s just a different color. Why do I have to rent one?
10. I take my garbage to the dump. Why do I have to pay the sanitation fee?
11. Why do I have to roll my cart back to my house within 24 hours? What if I’m out of town?
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